Episode #11: Lumberjanes

Lis and Nathaniel head out to the woods to experience friendship to the max! Stick around to the end for a special announcement.

So give a listen to Episode 11: Lumberjanes.

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Finally, don’t forget that our theme song was composed and performed by erica dreisbach, and you can find more of her work at her website right here.

And our logo art is by Nic Buxom

One thought on “Episode #11: Lumberjanes

  1. I’ve really liked what I’ve read of Lumberjanes. I inherently love comics where anything can happen and then some, especially in an adventure comedy setting. So no, the rules aren’t that clear, but that’s because the rule is: it’s gotta be fun. I think it follows that rule spectacularly.

    And welcome to the Network, Nathaniel and Lis! Can’t wait for more people to discover it when all the episodes spawn on the feed. I’ve long held that Punch Like a Girl was perfect for F&W where the mission is to “find your joy”, and it makes a terrific companion to some of the things I’ve personally tried to accomplish, such as giving women a louder voice in comic book podcasting. Of course Lis is much classier than any of the OHOTMU or NOT girls, or perhaps it’s the show’s tone 😉


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