Episode #9: Ms. Marvel Volume 1

Lis and Nathaniel take on the award winning first volume of teenager Kamala Khan gaining superpowers and taking on the mantel of Ms. Marvel.

So give a listen to Episode 9: Ms. Marvel Vol. 1.

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Finally, don’t forget that our theme song was composed and performed by erica dreisbach, and you can find more of her work at her website right here.

2 thoughts on “Episode #9: Ms. Marvel Volume 1

  1. I’m glad Lis wants to read more (whether you cover it on the show or not) because Ms. Marvel is more than a sweet, well-written superhero comic, it’s also important as a mainstream superhero title that features a largely Muslim-American cast. Kamala took the comics world by storm to become an unlikely (sad to use that word but it fits) media darling and fan favorite. I wish other diversity characters could make such inroads.


  2. Hello again Liz and Nathaniel,
    Great discussion of Ms Marvel’s first trade. As someone with well stocked local library and a lot of time on their hands I’m pleased to inform you that the following issue do in fact develope the supporting cast. With Bruno, Aamir, Karmela’s mum and yes even Zoe getting subplots that evolve the characters without feeling unture to their established personers. I’m not going to spoil them so you’ll have to read ahead to find out. Good work and carry on punching (preferably with embigened fists).

    PS. Could you please plug my new podcast Brothers in time where me and my brother discuss episodes of doctor who available now on SoundCloud. If you will thanks and if you won’t then it’s already to late because your reading this on air and my plan to marginaly inflate my Listenership is complete MA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!


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