Episode #7 – Ghost in the Shell

With the new live action film having coming out it seems like the perfect time to take a look at the seminal book that started it all. Lis and Nathaniel take a look at their first manga with Masamune Shirow’s highly influential work.

So give a listen to Episode 7: Ghost in the Shell.

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2 thoughts on “Episode #7 – Ghost in the Shell

  1. Interesting episode on Ghost in the Shell. It’s hard enough to try to critique a work that’s a few decades old, judging attitudes based on our current views. But when you throw in a work from a different culture, that becomes even more difficult.

    Did you consider that aspect? Whether what you were seeing as “unacceptable” was atypical decades-old lack of enlightenment, or was actually reflective of cultural differences between Japan and the West? Thought-provoking stuff.

    Loving the show — keep up the good work!

    Professor Alan
    Relatively Geeky Podcast Network
    Dorkness to Light


    • We did touch on that briefly in few areas but I’m not sure either of us have the underlying knowledge necessary to give that context the full breadth it probably deserves. This is something that I expect will come up again as we deal in either older works or works with a more specific cultural bent to them.

      Thanks for the comment!


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