Episode #6 – Roller Girl

Lis and Nathaniel bring along another librarian in the form of Sharon! Together they take a look at one girl’s summer where she juggles friendship, growing up and her newest obsession: Roller Derby! Strap on your skates and be prepared to get knocked around a bit.

So give a listen to Episode : Roller Girl.

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Finally, don’t forget that our theme song was composed and performed by erica dreisbach, and you can find more of her work at her website right here.

One thought on “Episode #6 – Roller Girl

  1. Don’t know the comic (I mistook it for Rocket Girl for a second), but looks good. I’ll certainly suggest it to this friend of mine who not only collects comics with female protagonists exclusively, but does roller derby too! She roped one of my coworkers into it and within a week, said coworker had shattered her ankle and we had to cover her work for a month. Dangerous sport! Nothing dainty about it.


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